Tokyo Paralympics: Tek Chand to be India’s Flag Bearer after Mariyappan Thangavelu has been put into isolation

Mariyappan Thangavelu, an Indian Paralympic high jumper has been put into quarantine after he was found in close contact with a person who was tested positive for COVID-19.

The Indian Paralympic high jumper Mariyappan Thangavelu will not be seen as India’s Flag Bearer in the opening ceremony of this Tokyo Paralympics game on 24 August, Tuesday.

The 2016 Rio Paralympics Gold medalist Mariyappan has been put into the quarantine period until further notice after he was seen with a person who was tested positive for COVID-19. Not only him but India’s 5 other members who were scheduled to be in this opening ceremony of the Tokyo Paralympics, is been kept in quarantine along with Mariyappan.


India’s Flag Bearer with 5 others had a COVID-19 test after being in the contact with the positive person in the flight while heading to Tokyo. All of them were tested negative but Tokyo Paralympics officials don’t want to take any chances and just to be on the safer side, the officials have taken this decision to put all those into strict quarantine until further notice. As, Mariyappan, India’s Flag Bearer is in quarantine so, Tek Chand has been named as India’s Flag Bearer at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Paralympics, which is beginning on 24 August.

India’s Deputy Chef de Mission to the Paralympic Games, Arhan Bagati wrote in his Twitter account, “Mariyappan Thangavelu our Flag Bearer with 5 others, have been quarantined until further notice as someone near to their seats on their flight to Tokyo tested COVID+! However, none of them has turned +ve since the past 6days! Tek Chand will now be our Flag Bearer.”