Tokyo Paralympics: Suhas, Tarun & Manoj qualify for the semifinals in men’s singles Badminton event

Indian players are dominating in the Badminton event in the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games. The Indian players named Tarun, Suhas, and Manoj are qualified for the semifinals in the Singles Badminton event.

The Badminton game is making its debut in the Paralympic Games. Badminton didn’t take place in the Paralympics before, but this time from the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games, the officials have decided to keep it. Many players got a chance to participate in the Paralympic games because of the inclusion of the Badminton event.

Indians include Pramod Bhagat who has already qualified for the semifinal match against Fujihara of Japan, Manoj Sarkar, Tarun Dhillon, Suhas Yathiraj, and Krishna Nagar are competing in the Badminton event. Many Indian women’s also participated in the event. Manoj Sarkar, Tarun Dhillon, and Suhas have reached the semifinals of the badminton event after winning their group stages matches on Friday morning. There is a huge possibility that Indians can bring medals from this game and increase their country’s medal tally. All three Indian players had their group stage matches on Friday morning.


Indian badminton player Tarun Dhillon won against Shin Kyung-hwan of Korea in his second group stage match by winning two sets out of three (21-18, 15-21, 21-17). Such as Yathiraj also won his second group stage game by 21-6 and 21-12 which was against Hary Susanto of Indonesia. Later in the day, both the Indians have their third game in the group stage, but because they have won 2 out of their 3 matches, their qualification for the semifinals is confirmed.

Indian badminton player Manoj Sarkar also won in the second group stage game after losing in the first one by an Indian named Pramod Bhagat. Manoj defeated Ukraine’s Chyrkov by 21-16 and 21-9 in the second game and register himself for the semifinals against Bethell of Great Britain. Indian player Pramod Bhagat also defeated Ukraine’s man (Chyrkov) in his second group stage game to qualify for the semifinal round.