Tokyo Paralympics: First COVID-19 case detected in Paralympic Village

2020 Paralympic games event dealt with a big blow as first coronavirus case has been officially reported, a few days before the mega-event.

On Thursday evening, the officials and the organisers of the upcoming mega-event of the 2020 Paralympic games announced that the first case of Coronavirus has been reported officially leading to the future of the event as a major threat. The organisers are taking care of all the safety precautions needed by the athletes for the event starting September 24. All the supporting fans are now worried if the event may kick off in a positive style.

The organisers don’t want to take any risk at all but maintain safety protocols for the athletes travelling towards Japan. The Paralympic board and committee members were very worried about the event entirely as they don’t want to risk conducting the event, as they care equally for all the athletes taking part in this competition. The person who has been tested positive for COVID-19 is neither an athlete nor a resident and neither a resident living in Japan, as per the statement of the officials.


This year’s tournament kicks off in five days as the audience is looking forward to enjoying the tournament entirely.


The country of Japan is currently fighting an enormous crisis as the number of infections just keep increasing day by day. The organisers have already reported 74 COVID-19 cases which are directly connected to Paralympic games comprising of contractors and the staff members living in Japan. As the organisers are worried about conducting the tournament, six more cases have been duly reported by the local area hosting teams for training camps. This year the Paralympic games will have a total of 4,400 athletes participating from all around the globe and approximately 160 teams to compete in this year’s mega-event in Japan.

The way 2020 Tokyo Olympics games had been conducted, the Tokyo Paralympics 2021 will be held under closed doors with no spectators allowed. All the athletes and staff members are strictly required to get a COVID-19 test done before taking part in the competition, and wear masks and maintain social distance. The organisers say that they were able to prevent any major spread of infection through tough anti-virus measures, as the tournament kicks off in under 5 days.