Tokyo Paralympics faces difficulties as Japan gets hit by Delta Variant

An official, Hidemasa Nakamura has stated that it’s under difficult circumstances that the games are being held and there will be new restrictions for the athletes, due to the spread of the Delta variant.


The Paralympics will be held under “difficult” circumstances, as hospitals in Tokyo are being overstretched due to Japan facing a cataclysmic wave of COVID-19 infections, driven by the Delta Variant.

The organisers said that the Games are being held under difficult circumstances. The Asahi newspaper reported that a Tokyo Hospital rejected the organiser’s proposal of taking in emergency cases from the Games, as they prefer to cater to their domestic patients.

The Tokyo 2020 Games delivery officer, Hidemasa Nakamura, in a press conference, has said that these are difficult circumstances to host the Games in. He further stated, “What do we do if we have a case becoming seriously ill, given the tight situation on hospital beds? We need to have a contact flow in line and include the hospitals and medical facilities in that contact flow.”

The organisers are now saying that they will implement measures similar to what they did during the Olympics, which ended earlier this month. They are planning restrictions in the movements, which include restricting the movements of athletes and frequent testing.

While the number of athletes would be much fewer than in the Olympics, the situation in Japan has worsened, in regards to the pandemic and a new high in cases are being reported in the country. Nakamura asked the players and officials not to eat or drink outside in groups and said that there will be frequent testing for the local participants.

Japan has extended the emergency COVID-19 measures in Tokyo and other counties. Paralympics won’t have spectators, like the Olympics. There were 12 new cases found among the Paralympic participants, including one athlete. The Paralympics will be held from August 24th to September 5th.