Tokyo Olympics: Wrestler Seema Bisla loses to Tunisia’s Hamdi in Women’s freestyle 50kg event

Seema Bisla loses round 1 in the bout by 3-1 against Tunisia’s S. Hamdi in Women’s freestyle 50kg event.

The Women’s Freestyle 50kg 1/8 final took place with Seema Bisla making her debut in Olympics against Tunisia’s S.Hamdi. The round started with aggression from both sides and Seema was more towards the attacking side whereas her opponent was completely playing safe with her defending skills.

After the first two minutes when both the wrestlers failed to gain a point referee gave a 30sec timer to Seema to gain a point and if she fails to do so the point will be allotted to the opponent. Seema failed to gain that point in 30 sec because of the exceptional blocking grip of S.Hamdi and she got a lead of 1-0. The first half ended in favour of Tunisia.


At the start of the second half, Hamdi again got a point while defending and taking Seema in the yellow zone and after that Seema again got a penalty discharge of 30 sec but this time she succeeded in grabbing a point with 2 sec left in the penalty timer. The score was 2-1 with 1 min 25 sec left in the clock. Seema had a good grip with just 1 min left in the clock.

A tough call of the point was taken against Seema in the favour of Tunisia and the hopes were shattered and the dream of an Olympic medal for Seema was on hold. Though her skills were amazing and attacking was completely up to the mark and she has that spark of getting India a medal in future Olympics.