Tokyo Olympics: World champion Brady Ellison defeats Pravin Jadhav in the men’s archery

Pravin Jadhav gets defeated by world champion Brady Ellison to give rise to a second-round exit at the Tokyo Games on Wednesday.


Indian archer Pravin Jadhav underwent a heavy failure to world champion Brady Ellison in the second round as he exits early in the men’s singles section of Archery at the Tokyo Olympics on Wednesday.

The 25-year-old was playing his first Olympic Games and played very well where he beat world number two Galsan Bazarzhapov of the Russian Olympic Committee in straight sets in the opener but failed to proceed with his remarkable form as he gets overthrown by the American in the next.

Ellison had been too normal with his form and in the second set and third, he misfired in the red rings with two 8s while the Indian acted miserably and hit 7s and 8s in four arrows as he joined his senior Army colleague Tarundeep Rai to formulate an early exit in the second round.

Rai had exited in the second round as well where, in a tight shoot-off finish, he went down to Itay Shanny of Israel to an anguish departure in the Olympics.

Jadhav was the best of India with a 31st position in the ranking. He had put forward intentions for the misfiring Indian archers and dropped just one point as the Indian archer won his first set with a stunning score of 6-0 in the first game at the Yumenoshima Park.