Tokyo Olympics: India still awaits for an individual Gold as Wrestler Ravi Kumar Dahiya settles for Silver in the Men’s freestyle final

Ravi Kumar Dahiya loses to two times world champion Zaur Uguev.

The Indian expectations are again settled for silver as Ravi Kumar had a tough fight against two-times world champion Zaur Uguev. He had a really good defence in the start but the lead was in Uguev’s favour since the start as he got two points by sliding Ravi into the yellow zone.

The starting point was taken after 1 min 23 sec and soon after 2 points lead was taken by ROC’s champion player Zaur Uguev. Though Ravi shattered this lead in the next 20 sec by getting two points through his grip and sliding him down the mat. As soon as the score levels the opponent took a chance and grabbed a 2 pointer and the scores were 4-2 after the first round in Uguev’s favour. The hopes were still high for Ravi as he covered a huge lead in the Group Stage matches but this time the stakes were high.


As the third round started Ravi was getting a continuous guide from his coach Mr Satpal that attacking is the only solution and Ravi was completely dominating at the start of the second round but great defence by Uguev was a big hurdle for Ravi and by suddenly changing the position Ravi lost 2 points and then a single point which was demanded by Uguev’s coach.Though Ravi managed to get a 2 pointer with 1 min 52 sec left in the clock.

The pressure was completely on Ravi’s side as he was carrying a billion dreams but the clock was also a drawback that was completely against his favour. Though Uguev was given a warning, he was successful in defending his lead and grabbed the match with an end score of 7-4. India is still proud of Ravi because of his exceptional performance throughout the tournament. Wrestling for India has always been a great scope for medals but the search for Gold still continues.