Tokyo Olympics: Discus thrower Kamalpreet Kaur finishes 6th in the final event, thus ending India's campaign for medal in Discus Throw | Business Upturn

Tokyo Olympics: Discus thrower Kamalpreet Kaur finishes 6th in the final event, thus ending India’s campaign for medal in Discus Throw

Indian Discus thrower Kamalpreet Kaur was required to appear with a 66m throw to achieve a medal after the third round. She fouled the fourth attempt with 61.37m in 5th which continued her at sixth position. She threw her best throw of 63.70m in the final attempt. The USA wins gold, Germany silver and Cuba bronze.

Discus thrower from India Kamalpreet Kaur managed to stay in the top 8 with her 63.70m throw and moved up to 6th position from 9th in the third round while the last four got eliminated after this round.

She started her attempt of the first throw with a distance of 61.62m and ended fourth-best in the first round while in the second throw, she imposed a foul with a distance of 61.61m in the first attempt at the women’s Discus final on Monday at the Tokyo Olympics. This dropped her at sixth in the second round’s first attempt while in the second attempt she finalised seventh with a throw of 61.62m.

While the final event was halted due to heavy rain, Valarie Allman of the USA had the best throw of 68.98m at the top followed by Yaime Perez of Cuba with 65.72m and Kristin Pudenz of Germany with 65.34m.

The event was continued after the rain ended and Valarie started with a foul throw after which Croatia’s Sandra Perkovic did a 65.01m throw and Vita with 61.80m that dragged the Indian at the ninth position with only one chance left to finalise under the top 8 and she ended moving upwards at 6th with 63.70m and secured it in her third attempt. She fouled in the fourth attempt, 61.37m in 5th while she remained at the sixth position after five attempts. In her final attempt, she threw her best throw of 63.70m but that was not enough to surpass Valarie’s 68.98m who won gold followed by Kristin who won silver for 66.98m and bronze for Yaime with 66.86m.

Kamalpreet Kaur had fumed into the limelight after following her national-record setting throw of 66.59m previously in June that amazed the women’s Discus throw field. She became the only one of the two athletes to fix the automated qualification mark of 64m the previous week.

Her achievement during the qualification session provoked hopes back in the nation for a medal. Her most promising throw of 64m was better than Sandra Perkovic’s throw of 63.75m who has been Olympic champion two times.