Tokyo Olympics: Boxer Amit Panghal’s campaign ends after a 1-4 defeat against the Colombian, Yuberjen Martinez

Amir Panghal’s (52kg) campaign at the Tokyo Olympics has come to an end after a 1-4 loss to Yuberjen Martinez on Saturday.

Boxer Amit Panghal (52kg) is out of the Tokyo Olympics campaign as he is defeated 1-4 by the Rio Games silver-medalist Yuberjen Martinez. The Colombian succeeded in the pre-quarterfinal bout with his continual attacks and stride.

Panghal had made his debut at the Tokyo Games but this ended in not his favour at the opening round. The opponent from Columbia put the world number one Indian under distress since the opener round only.


“They have sparred with each other. In some of them, Amit was better than today but in others, it was similar to what happened today,” said Santiago Nieva, the Indian Boxing’s High-Performance Director.

Nieva also added after the bout ended that it was not a whole shock since everyone had discerned that guy is extremely difficult.

Martinez had been continuously functioning on the Indian’s body with his uppercuts. Even though Panghal bagged the first round, the boxer from Columbia’s momentum should have put the warning bells. He supervised balancing with the Indian boxer with his continuation which became hard for the top seed to act on.

Martinez did not allow the opponent to dominate as there was no let-up in the power at the last three minutes from his side. He did not let Panghal fight up and instead, the top-seeded Indian turned out to be on the guarding for most of the time.