Tokyo Olympics: A music composer for Olympics resigned over his past bullying as a student

A music composer for music at the Tokyo Olympics comes under fire compelled to resign over his past bullying habits as a student. He admitted to bullying classmates with disabilities.

Keigo Oyamada, a music composer for Tokyo Olympics comes under fire and resigned after admitting that he used to bully his classmates including those with the disability.

The composer’s behaviour recently emerged online and provoked a backlash on social media demanding his resignation. He resigned on Monday after facing adverse comments for bullying classmates during his childhood.


“I sincerely accept the opinions and advice I have received, express my gratitude, and will keep them in my mind for future actions and thoughts,” the composer said via his Twitter and Facebook accounts.

“I apologise from the bottom of my heart,” he added.

The games organisers on Sunday said that he would stay on because he had shown guilt. Just hours after Oyamada delivered his resignation, they overturned their position calling his activity “absolutely unacceptable,” and said that their early decision to let him remain on in light of his apology, and the short time left before the opening ceremony was “wrong”.

“We offer our deepest apologies for the offence and confusion caused to so many during this time,” said the organisers. Oyamada, also known as Cornelius had apologised last week online. Some critics urged him to apologise in person by holding a news conference while others asked if he should have apologised earlier.