Tibetan students protest against Beijing Games, lock themselves to the Olympic rings

On Saturday two students protest in front of the Swiss headquarters of the International Olympic Committee against the Winter games of next year, by locking themselves to the Olympic rings.

Two students from Tibet put lock themselves to the Olympic rings to yell for an international boycott of the winter games of next year. The whole scenario happened outside the International Olympic Committee of the Swiss Headquarters on Saturday. Both the students were a part of recent a protest, which is against the Olympic Games of 2022. This protest is on the abuse of human rights as well as on its treatment of minorities by Beijing.

There will no government officials be sent to the winter Olympics 2022 by the United States. Because of China’s Human rights “atrocities,” a statement from them in the earlier of this month.


Europe’s Tibetan Youth Association (TYAE) with the Students for a Free Tibet conducted a sit-in at Lausanne’s International Olympic Committee building. The activists were demanding the withdraw of the countries from the event, which they have called “Genocide Games”. Which is said to be being used to brighten the reputation of China according to them.

After the entry of Chinese troops into Tibet in 1950, they grip control of Tibet and named it a “Peaceful Liberation”. Since then, Tibet converted into the most restricted area in the country. Beijing’s rule amounts to “cultural genocide” Critics, led by the Dalai Lama.

Five students held a sit-in protest inside the building while two activists Outspread a banner “no Beijing 2022” written on it, over the building entrance. After a protest of 3 hours police started removing the campaigners. The protest was described as a peaceful one according to the organizers and the eyewitness. But a security guard of IOC was injured said by ICO.

Accused of smooth forced labours done by Chinese authorities. As they obstruct primarily Muslim minorities and a million Uyghurs in Camps since 2016.