The WFI sent 128 per cent of support staff to Tokyo instead of 33 per cent while denying Vinesh Phogat’s physio

The WFI could not find space for Poornima Raman Ngomdir, Vinesh Phogat’s physio, despite the 53kg wrestler being a medal contender as her plea went unheard.

The Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) overshot their quota of a maximum of 33 per cent of support staff that were allotted to their seven competitors at the Tokyo Olympic Games. The number of coaches sent with the athletes were more for the male wrestlers compared to the female wrestlers. 

Team India had three male freestyler wrestlers sent to Tokyo along with an allotment of six coaches while the four women freestyler wrestlers were sent to the games with only one head coach.


WFI could not find space for Poornima Raman who was requested by the recently suspended Vinesh Phogat. Poornima is a physiotherapist who was requested by Vinesh at Tokyo which was denied by the WFI despite her being a medal contender in the 53kg freestyle category for India.

The India Olympic Association (IOA) who had allotted the accreditations for the support staff had come out to say that the wrestling federation (NSF) was the one who were entitled to choose the staff who would fly to Tokyo. They also added to say that they were helpless if Poornima’s (Vinesh’s physio) name was not mentioned in the long list.

“The name should be there in the long list else the process becomes very long. There is provision even if someone falls sick, for instance. But if you say we haven’t given the name in the long list because we forgot… there were names of three or four physios in wrestling. One physio went from that list,” IOA president Narinder Batra told Indian Express

WFI secretary Vinod Tomar, was in Tokyo as the Team Leader had told The Indian Express “At an international event where a team goes, the federation doesn’t send a personal physio. For an event like the Olympics, we need accreditation. The number of players who qualify, we get only 33 per cent of that for support staff. Vinesh wanted her physio, but it would not be possible to send every wrestler’s personal physio and coach.”

Eventually, 9 support staff for 7 wrestlers added up to a total of 128 per cent and not 33 per cent.