PM Narendra Modi congratulated all the Indian medalists for their spectacular performance at the Tokyo Olympics

Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweets and congratulates all the Indian winners at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. PM Modi said they made the nation proud by winning medals.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi was very active on social media in this entire 2020 Tokyo Olympic games. Whenever any Indian won the medal with their amazing performance, he tweets in favour of them to encourage them. He has always shown his affection to the Indian players who were playing their hearts out in the Olympics and representing the nation.

On Sunday, Prime Minister congratulated the Indian contingent for their spectacular and astonishing performance at the Tokyo Games. This was the Indians best-ever haul so far in the Olympics. India won 7 medals which include one gold, two silver and four bronze. Thus, Narendra Modi Ji couldn’t stop himself from giving them his good wishes. He appreciated the dedication, skill and teamwork of the Indian players.

Narendra Modi tweeted, “The medals India has won has certainly made our nation proud and elated.”

He was very happy to see this victorious spirit from Indians. Later via his tweet, he also thanked the Government of Japan for hosting the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in an organised manner.

“A special thank you to the Government and people of Japan, especially Tokyo for hosting the well-organised games. To host it so successfully, in such times, gave out a strong message of resilience. It also demonstrated how the sport is a great unifier.” Narendra Modi wrote in his tweet.