Odisha CM awarded Pramod Bhagat a huge ₹6 crores after he bagged a gold medal in this year’s Paralympic Games

Chief Minister of Odisha Naveen Pathak has decided to give away ₹6 crores to all the gold medalist including Pramod Bhagat for his outstanding performance.

On Thursday, the Chief Minister of Odisha Naveen Pathak decided to award ₹6 crores to every gold medalist who has won alongside a good government job for the rest of their life. There were a few athletes who achieved this huge success for our nation, including badminton star player Pramod Bhagat who won the gold medal in this year Paralympic Games held in Tokyo. According to the Chief Minister Office, he has announced that ₹6 crores will be offered to the gold medallist, ₹4 crores will be offered to the silver medallist and ₹2 crores will be offered to the bronze medallist. Each participant will also get ₹15 lakhs for their outstanding contribution.

The Odisha authorities later announced that Pramod Bhagat will be also getting an A list top government job as well. The current Chief Minister was also seen interacting with the Indian contingents as well as the Odisha participants who took part in this year’s tournament.

Pramod Bhagat who was suffering from Polio when he was 4 years, got a lot of motivation from his mentors as well as his family. He trained very hard with intense workouts and an end number of practice games which now today made the entire nation proud and they couldn’t stop praising him.

The 33-year-old also competed in major tournaments where he showed his skills and talent which made him worthy of a gold medal in this year’s Paralympic Games for him. It was indeed a dream come true performance put up by him as the entire nation and the Chief Minister applauded his performance.

Pramod Bhagat’s brother Sekhar was emotional as he mentioned “I wish my parents were alive today to see the success of my brother. They must be at cloud nine today. My father had punished him several times for playing badminton and used to tell him to focus on his studies so that he could get a decent job. Now when he has achieved all, they must be happy in heaven,”

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