North Korea suspended by the IOC from the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022

IOC president Thomas Bach decided to permanently suspend the North Korea contingent team from participating as they face a huge crisis as they have to return all the financial sanctions.

On Thursday, International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach officially announced that North Korea will no longer be taking part in next year’s upcoming tournament, the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022. Their entire contingent wasn’t been sent to this year major Tokyo 2020 Olympic games as well despite their huge leaders and an enormous number of participants. He also said that the North Korean Olympic government body will also have to withdraw all the financial money which was taken for the last time the Olympics was held. They faced a huge chunk of losses as a lot of money and services were lost with the city currently battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

This decision now also lowers down the respect and standards for North Korea in the Olympic Games, as the suspension proved to be a big shock for their country after careful decisions and several meetings conducted by the authorities and organisers together. Athletes from the Korean neighbours also marched together in the opening ceremony at Pyeongchang and joined together in a women’s ice hockey team in recent times.

It was previously announced that North Korea had been withdrawn from taking part in Tokyo 2020 Olympic games way back in April this year with the incentive to protect the athletes and provide all the necessary safety measures and procedures which had to be taken immediately.

The President also was very angry during the recent news conference which lead to disappointment when he specifically quoted “They were violating the Olympic Charter and did not fulfil their obligation as stated in the Olympic Charter to participate,”

It is officially confirmed that North Korea Olympic Committee is permanently suspended throughout the Winter Olympic Games 2022 with immediate effect to be taken.

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