High Court to convince Centre about the allegations against TTFI by Manika Batra

The Delhi High court on Thursday asks the Centre to look into Manika Batra’s complaint against the TTFI.

On Thursday, the Delhi High court told the Table Tennis Federation of India to strictly have full attendance at the National Coaching camp and also have asked the Centre to conduct an inquiry for Manika Batra’s complaint against the sports body. The Union Sports Ministry may also get involved in the affairs and the situation of the TTFI as well respectively, this has been said by Justice Rekha Patil. There was an allegation put by Manika Batra where her national coach Soumyadeep Roy pressurised her to give away the qualifier match in favour of his trainee. Manika was also left out of the Asian Table Tennis Championships which is soon going to happen.

The judge during the proceedings said, “They are overreaching the court. The notice of contempt will be issued and also a new person will be immediately appointed.” Justice Rekha Palli also added by mentioning “I am of the view that the operation of the rule is required to stay till the next date of hearing. The federation should continue with this rule without any problems.”


Senior Counselor, Sachin Dutta in the court said that his client was not desirous of participating in the upcoming Asian Table Tennis Championships. The Asian Table Tennis tournament is supposed to commence next week in Pune. Additional Solicitor General, Chetan Sharma was also seen appearing in the court and mentioned the main rule of the federation where attending the national camp is a compulsion.

The sport of Table Tennis is an individual talented event that requires a lot of skills and training and the coaching rules are irrational and absurd by achieving a lot of success in this individual sport.