COVID-19 can hinder hockey finalist’s title match, but gold awaits for both the teams

Both hockey teams will be awarded gold if the finalists at the Tokyo Olympics are ruled of the title clash due to COVID-19 positive cases.

In the event that the finalists at the Tokyo Olympics are ruled out of the title clash due to COVID-19 positive cases, both teams will win the gold medal, the International Hockey Federation (FIH) announced on Friday.

Thierry Weil, the FIH chief executive officer also emphasized that the decision to withdraw from hockey events in Tokyo based on positive COVID-19 results lies with countries competing in the event. For the COVID-hit Tokyo Games, FIH has outlined Sports Specific Regulations (SSR) in which a team that can’t compete in a pool game is considered to have lost the game by a 5-0 loss. In the event that both teams do not show up, the game will be considered a draw. Nevertheless, if the teams are able to play, they may still participate in the remainder of the pool matches.


“If both the finalist teams are forced to withdraw then in that case both the teams will get gold medals. It is already mentioned in our Sports Specific Regulations (SSR),” Weil said in a statement to PTI.

As the FIH CEO explained, the Tokyo Olympics are “different from the normal Games”, and a team can continue to compete even when multiple cases are reported within the team. However, he added that there are still many “ifs and buts” regarding the rules and regulations that need further clarification; however, he hoped that it would not arise that a team wishing to take part must withdraw from the competition due to COVID-19 cases.