Why Dan Hurley made a smart decision turning down the Lakers

Dan Hurley had a staggering $70 million incentive dangling in front of him with the Lakers job offer. However, as the saying goes, some things money can’t buy. In Hurley’s case, it was the pursuit of a third consecutive national championship with UConn that ultimately swayed his decision, alongside the promise of a significant contract extension.

While ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski highlighted Hurley’s ambition for another collegiate title and the enticing contract extension, there’s an unspoken truth behind his choice — the Lakers job lacks allure.


On the surface, coaching the Lakers might seem like a dream opportunity. With a storied history boasting 17 championships and a roster featuring marquee talents like Anthony Davis and LeBron James, it’s a prestigious role. However, the harsh reality paints a less glamorous picture.

The Lakers organization has been plagued by instability in recent years, with a revolving door of head coaches since Phil Jackson’s departure in 2011. Given their history, it’s unlikely that the next coach will break this trend, especially considering the tumultuous seasons ahead until LeBron James hangs up his jersey.

Hurley’s decision to turn down the Lakers in favor of UConn speaks volumes about his priorities and the uncertainties surrounding coaching in the NBA, proving that sometimes, the allure of collegiate success outweighs the glitz and glamour of the professional stage.


Why Lakers job is one of the worst in the league

The Lakers coaching gig might seem like a dream job at first glance, but scratch beneath the surface, and you’ll find a tumultuous environment rife with challenges and uncertainties. For starters, the expectation to win a championship is not just a goal; it’s a mandate. And even if a coach manages to achieve this Herculean feat, job security remains as precarious as ever, as evidenced by the short-lived tenure of 2020 championship coach Frank Vogel.

But winning it all is easier said than done for the Lakers. The Western Conference is a formidable battleground, with a plethora of powerhouse teams standing in their way. Despite boasting talents like LeBron James and Anthony Davis, the Lakers have struggled to assert dominance, barely scraping into the playoffs after a grueling battle through the Play-In Tournament.

Critics may point fingers at coaching staff like Darvin Ham for the team’s shortcomings, but the reality is that the Lakers are operating at a talent deficit compared to their elite counterparts. With LeBron and AD inching closer to the twilight of their careers, time is running out for the Lakers to capitalize on their star power.

While the Lakers have assets to potentially bolster their roster, the pressure cooker atmosphere surrounding the franchise makes any move fraught with risk. The intense scrutiny from fans, media, and within the organization itself adds an extra layer of complexity to the job, with leaks to the press and relentless speculation amplifying the pressure on the coaching staff.

Coaching LeBron James, a basketball icon in his own right, presents its own set of challenges. Known for his exacting standards and occasionally tumultuous relationships with coaches, LeBron demands nothing short of excellence. As he navigates the twilight of his career, balancing his legacy, his son Bronny’s potential arrival in the NBA, and the relentless pursuit of championships becomes an intricate juggling act for any coach.

In the face of these challenges, Dan Hurley’s decision to remain at UConn, where the path to success seems comparatively serene, speaks volumes. While winning three consecutive national championships may not be a cakewalk, it certainly seems like a more manageable endeavor compared to the high-stakes drama and uncertainty that comes with coaching the Lakers.