When a legend speaks we listen – Allen Iverson praises Ja Morant

Allen Iverson posted a picture implying that an MVP was in the young superstar’s future.

Ja Morant had a monster game against the San Antonio Spurs yesterday, scoring a career-high 52 points. He had multiple plays in the game but 2 that stood out were his dunk over Jakob Poeltl and his buzzer-beater to end the 2nd quarter where he made the shot after catching the pass mid-air. Well, his performance caught the eye of an NBA legend – Allen Iverson.

Ja’s game has been compared to many of the athletic guards we have seen in the game. From Derrick Rose to Russell Westbrook. But one legend that he resembles is Allen Iverson. From the way, he wears his hair in cornrows, to his dunks and crossovers, Ja emulates AI the most. Another legend Shaquille O’Neal called Morant, is the Allen Iverson of this generation.


It looks like AI feels that way too as he went on social media and posted a picture with Morant’s jersey over his MVP trophy. The post read,’ Sonner or Later!!!@JaMorant’. The legend showed love and it was the acknowledgement of Morant’s greatness that we witnessed.

Allen Iverson for known for his athleticism and crossovers. But his greatest quality was his toughness. AI feared no one on the court and went at everyone. At 6 feet he was one of the smaller players on the court and took a beating each night. But that didn’t stop him at all. He went on to win an MVP in the 2000-2001 season. Kobe Bryant has famously said,’ We all should be fortunate that Allen Iverson wasn’t 6’5′.

Ja has brought that same swag and toughness to the game that AI did. Of course, since the eras are different, he doesn’t have to deal with the physicality that AI had to deal with. But the resemblance is uncanny. While AI didn’t win a championship, he is considered one of the greatest point guards ever and Ja Morant has the chance to do what AI couldn’t and go down as one of the greatest as well.