Top 15 highest NBA jerseys selling, LeBron James & Steph Curry on top

The Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors led the list for team merchandise sales as well.

The NBA released their list of most popular jerseys in the NBA as well as the teams with the most merchandise sales after half the season. To no one’s surprise, LeBron James led the list with his jersey being the most popular while Steph Curry came in second. The franchises with the most team merchandise sales were the Lakers and Warriors as well.

The rest of the top 15 jerseys sold were Giannis Antetokounmpo -The Greek freak at 3, Kevin Durant -4, and Luka Doncic – 5 making up the top 5. Jayson Tatum was 6th and Ja Morant cracked the top 10 in jersey sales for the first time at 7th place. Trae Young was 8th on the list, the highest he has ever been while Klay Thompson rose to No.9 as soon as he made his return. Klay makes the list for the first time since 2018. Damian Lillard who has been out for most of the season managed to land 10th place.


The 11th position was surprising because of how dominant he has been all season. Joel Embiid, the frontrunner for MVP was in 11th place. Anthony Davis from the Lakers took 12th and Devin Booker took 13th.  RJ Barett and Lamelo Ball both made the list for the first time and were in 14th and 15th place respectively.

When it came to team merchandise sales, the Lakes led the list. It is not surprising considering that the Lakers have 2 players’ jerseys in the top 15 most popular list. The second team was the golden state warriors followed by the Milwaukee Bucks, Brooklyn Nets, and Boston Celtics. The New York Knicks were in 6th place, Chicago Bulls in 7th, Philadelphia 76ers in 8th, Toronto Raptors in 9th, and the Dallas Mavericks in 10th place.

It is surprising that despite having Luka Doncic being 2 spots ahead of Jayson Tatum in the most popular jerseys list, the Mavericks are in 10th place while the Celtics are in 5th place. It just goes to show how big basketball is in cities like Boston, Chicago, and New York. Chicago made the top 10 despite not having a single player in the top 15 popular jerseys list.