The Lakers start their season with a loss against the Brooklyn Nets

Lakers lost to the nets by 25 points in the NBA pre-season, Anthony Davis was the only superstar who played only for 11 minutes.

For the first time the two super teams collided with each other but in pre-season and sadly none of the superstars was available except Anthony Davis, who was reported to have gained muscles in the off-season which was noticeable on the court, he looked more muscular and strong. The highlights of the game were, when AD got the ball in the post, he swiftly moves towards the basket for his first bucket of the game and pre-season for an and 1, and when Talen Horton Tucker got the ball at the 3-pointer line who then slashed into the paint for a Slam Dunk.


Lakers lost to the Nets in pre-season 123-97 with Malik Monk off the bench scored 15 points to lead the Lakers on scoring, AD with 6 points on 6 shot attempts, Talen Horton Tucker with 10 points 3 assists, and Cameron Thomas leading the Nets in scoring- 21 points.

As NBA fans things could not get any more exciting as this will be one of the most anticipated matches of the regular season and there is a big-time possibility that if everyone is healthy, these two teams will match up in the NBA finals. Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James harden are set to match against the LA stars i.e Lebron James, Anthony Davis, and Russel Westbrook on Christmas Day at 6:30 AM IST as Lakers will play its 23rd straight Christmas game at Staple Centre and the other game is scheduled after a month on January 26th at Barclays Centre.