Suns win back to back games – Joel Embiid’s 34 and 12 not enough

Joel Embiid has been the frontrunner for MVP the past few weeks but will his MVP performance be enough to lead the 76ers to victory against the top-seeded Suns?

The Suns have been considered one of the best teams in the NBA all season and they retained their position at the top by beating the 76ers at home despite a monster performance from the current MVP favourite, Joel Embiid. The game was extremely close throughout, with the 76ers giving up a 5 point play in the end to Chris Paul (CP3) and a late turnover from Joel Embiid sealed the game in the Suns’ favour.

The suns were led by their superstar Devin Booker, who had a 35 point performance to match Embiid’s 34. The forward from Philadelphia, Mikal Bridges, who has emerged as a great defender and key piece to the suns’ success had a good game with 23 points. CP3 delivered his usual number of assists, with 12 on the night and 16 points as well. Javale McGee was a major contributor as well having 15 points and 12 rebounds off the bench.


For the Sixers, it was their 2 starters Joel Embiid and Tobias harris who both had 34 and 30 in the game, that kept the game close till the end. Tobias had 30 points,  7 rebounds, and 3 assists on the night. Embiid was great on the defensive end as well with 3 steals. But despite his great performance, it was a turnover from him, with 20 seconds left in the game, that took away any chance the 76ers had to win it. Tyrese Maxey, who has replaced Ben Simmons as the point guard in Philadelphia, had a decent game with 14 points, 6 rebounds, and 4 assists.

In the end, while Joel Embiid had an MVP performance and maintained his place as the frontrunner for the award, the Suns went away with the win and continue to stay on the top of the west with the best record in the NBA. With the loss, the 76ers have a 32-22 record and are in 5th place in the East. With how close the race for the top seed in the east is the 76ers still have a chance to be the top seed, especially with their Big man playing at the level he is playing at.