Stephen Curry’s 37 points prevails the MVP leader Kevin Durant to blow out the Nets

Stephen Curry went off against the Nets to blow them out by 117-99, Curry made 9 of his 14 threes, and KD who had hot 1st half cooled down in the 2nd half ending with season-low 19 points.

The Golden State Warriors proved to be the best team in the NBA on Tuesday night, defeating the visiting Brooklyn Nets 117-99 in one of the most anticipated matchups of the first half of the season.
In addition to being a matchup of Western and Eastern Conference powerhouses and a probable preview of next year’s NBA Finals, this game featured a matchup of the two leading scorers thus far this season, with Kevin Durant leading the way and Stephen Curry chasing him down. In terms of scoring, the “Chef” dominated the matchup in every way, Curry scored 37 on an efficient 12/19 from the field and 9 of 14 from three, meanwhile, KD scored 19. (his lowest number so far this season) and Harden led the Nets in scoring with 24 points.


Curry and Durant were teammates for three seasons with the Warriors, winning two NBA championships.
Durant was injured two years ago and moved to Brooklyn, where he waited out a year. Last season, KD won both of his encounters against his former colleagues. Even though like Curry. Kevin Durant had a hot start scoring almost all points for the Nets, and matching Curry’s 14 points to 12 of his own in the first quarter but he then missed all eight of his shots in the third quarter, but the Warriors still won 35-18.

Andrew Wiggins, Curry’s best teammate, led the Warriors with 19 points. Wiggins went off in the second quarter, scoring 13 points in just 6 minutes and giving Steve Kerr’s team a lead that helped them return to victory after a seven-game winning streak was snapped last Sunday when they were defeated by the Charlotte Hornets.