Stephen Curry makes history with pass to Klay Thompson against Portland

The point guard became one of 7 players to record 1000+ assists with a single teammate in NBA history.


Steph Curry made history after his pass to Klay Thompson against the Portland Trail Blazers on Friday. The point guard became one of 7 point guards to ever accomplish the feat. No non-point guard has ever achieved this either. Curry had 14 assists on the night which was his season-high but this one made it even more special.

The 6 other players on that list were John Stockton to Karl Malone (1572 passes), Tony Parker to Tim Duncan  (1533 passes), Russell Westbrook to Kevin Durant (1465 passes), Chris Paul to Blake Griffin (1157 passes), Steve Nash to Amare Stoudemire (1155 passes) and Mike Conley to Marc Gasol (1121 passes). What is amazing is that Chris Paul has accomplished the feat twice and has 1120 passes to David West.

Steph has always been known as a shooter and is never recognized for his skills as a point guard. In fact, many people even consider Steph a shooting guard that plays the point guard position. Steph is actually a very good passer and Klay later said in the postgame interview that Steph has always been able to pass this way.

Head coach Steve Kerr also praised Steph’s playmaking in the game. Oftentimes, the lethality of Steph’s 3 point shooting is so great that everyone forgets all the other stuff he can do on the court. Steph is a pretty underrated defender as well. Steph’s offensive prowess is so great that he can get his teammates open and the person sharing the court with him is another lethal shooter in Klay Thompson.

Steph is one of the greatest point guards ever. It is difficult to argue that he isn’t number one with the way he has impacted and changed the game. This accomplishment is just one of many in his Hall of Fame resume.