Stephen Curry gives himself a birthday present

Steph went off against the Washington Wizards and had a birthday bash at the Chase Center.

Steph Curry celebrated his birthday the NBA way by going off against the Washington Wizards. Curry had 47 points, 6 rebounds, and 6 assists in the game. He got another gift in the shape of Draymond Green who had been out for over 2 months with a back injury. With Draymond facilitating the offense, Steph got some easy looks and took full advantage of it. He shot 50% from 3 point range making 7/14 3 pointers.

Steph turned 34 yesterday and is in his 13th season and looks like he could play till he was 40. Steph is considered the greatest shooter of all time and rightfully so. He holds the current record for 3 pointers made all-time and continues to improve that record every time he makes a 3 point shot. He has changed the way the game is played today and has made 3 points shooting an essential part of any player’s game.


Kids today don’t start shooting drills at the basket but try jacking up jump shots because of Steph. He has introduced the world to a particular style of basketball that allows smaller players to dominate in a big man’s game. People like Fred VanVleet have credited their successful careers to Steph because their careers might not be the same if they couldn’t take as many 3 pointers as they attempt today.

Steph is called the Baby-faced Assassin because of how lethal he is from outside the 3 point arc. He is also the major reason why LeBron James does not have more championships and has been the only obstacle LeBron has faced in the 2010s. He is the only unanimous MVP in NBA History and is also considered the greatest warrior of all time.

Other accolades that Steph has won are 2 MVPs, 3 NBA championships, 2 scoring titles, 2015-2016 steals champion, 7-time All-NBA team, All-Star MVP this season, and a member of the 75th-anniversary team. Where Steph Curry ranks all-time is subjective. But a fact that cannot be denied is that Steph has changed the game of basketball and placed his mark on the game.