Steph Curry’s triple-double upsets the big three in Lakers

GSW win by 121-114 against Lakers, Lebron and AD went for 34 and 33 points respectively meanwhile Westbrook only had 8 points on 4/13 shooting.


Lakers started the game with LeBron throwing a lob to his new teammate Deandre Jordan. As the new big three make their debut against GSW, the first half was all about LeBron and Anthony Davis, both scored a combined 38 points of Lakers 59 points. LeBron in his new jersey no.6 could not miss in the first quarter, he went for 6/6 after finally missing a shot in the 2nd quarter. AD’s jumper looks sweeter than ever, his defensive prowess and offensive threats put the Lakers in the biggest advantage, Westbrook so far was a no-show, with only 2 points and 1/7 from the field. Same for Curry, even though he led his team in scoring in 1st half, his 10 points came on just 3/11 shooting.

In the second half, even after LeBron and AD’s combined 67 points performance, the Lakers fell short in the 4th quarter to Jordan Poole who lights it up in the 4th quarter with Curry sitting on the bench and cuts the lead from 10 to give the lead to GSW by 2. A disappointing loss for the Lakers after leading the whole game and then losing in the 4th quarter, and all the doubts about the fit with Westbrook and their poor shooting from three (34%) and an abysmal shooting from the line 47.4% seem to show up in the first game itself. Curry even though had an off shooting night, found ways to contribute by putting up his 8th career triple-double with 21/10/10.

It now remains to see what and how Frank Vogel will adjust his new superstar into the game.