Steph Curry becomes 49th player to score 20000 points in NBA history

Steph scores more than 20000 career points after his 34 point performance against the Denver Nuggets.

Steph Curry became the 49th player in NBA history to score 20000 career points in NBA history after he scored 34 points against the Denver Nuggets today. He holds the record for the most points, games played, 3 pointers made, assists, and steals for the Warriors franchise. The 3 point god now has another accolade under his belt.

Steph Curry is the greatest shooter of all time. He creates a 3 point record every time he makes a 3 point shot. He has revolutionized the modern game and made 3 points shooting what it is today. Steph is also a 3-time champion and 2 times regular-season MVP. The only award that Steph hasn’t won and that could help cement his legacy as one of the best offensive players we have ever seen is a Finals-MVP award.


After crossing the 20000 mark Steph is right behind Antawn Jamison who has 20042 points and Tom Chambers who has 20049 points. Steph will easily surpass those 2 in the next 1 to 2 games. Steph is currently 33 years old and has at least 3 more seasons of NBA basketball left in him. While he might not end up in the top 10 of all-time scorers, he will be in the top 25 when it is all said and done.

Steph is one of the most talented offensive players that has graced the game of basketball. His range forces defences to pick him up all the way from half-court. This allows the team to have more space and leads to easy baskets. What makes Steph the greatest shooter ever is not the fact he can shoot but in how many ways he can do it.

From off-the-dribble shots to running off screens and shooting it, catch and shoot. Steph can do it all when it comes to shooting the basketball. While he has struggled shooting this season, we all know that the baby-faced assassin can always find his rhythm and if I were to bet against any shooter, I’d make sure that I wasn’t betting against him.