Shomira Bidaye, along with 5 other Indians, selected for NBA Academy Women’s Virtual Program

Shomira Bidaye, along with five other Indians, have been selected for NBA Academy Women’s Virtual Program where they will learn basketball and off-court skills like leadership development

City Forward Shomira Bidaye, along with 4 other Indians, have been selected for NBA Academy Women’s Virtual Program. She earlier got a call to play and study in California by the organization and has been, again, invited to this program. The 16-year-old was among 50 players who got selected from 22 countries by the National Basketball Association (NBA) for an eight-week basketball and leadership development program.

All the players selected will go through basketball and life skills development training, under the guidance of current and former WNBA players and NBA Academy staff. They will get virtual lessons, challenges and instructions, as part of the on-court programme and will compete with their peers, all around the world. The life skills programme will focus on leadership development, nutrition, mental well being, setting goals and personal branding.


Shomira is very excited about this opportunity saying that they will teach American Basketball, which she wants to pursue at the college level and the coaches have connections that can make her dream come true.

She talked about the training, stating that she is going to learn about off-court aspects like nutrition, goal setting and mental well being, which will make her an all-around better player. She is, also, looking to improve her on-court game.

The four other Indians selected are Kavya Sringla, Sunishka Kartik, Parnika Shrivastava and Yashneet Kaur.

Bengaluru’s Sunishka Kartik played the 2018 edition of the NBA Global Championships for the Indian team, while Shomira played the 2019 edition in Florida. Yashneet and Kavya have played for Punjab in the national championships. Parnika Shrivastava is the fifth Indian selected and is from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.