Russell Westbrook vs Patrick Beverley – An on and off court NBA feud

The 2 players have been going at each other for years on the court and off of it.

Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley have been going at each other for years. The advantage always lay with Westbrook because of the great player that he was. This season though Patrick Beverley got the perfect opportunity to attack Westbrook and he took full advantage of it. With Russell Westbrook struggling Patrick Beverley took to Twitter highlighting them. In today’s Timberwolves game against the Lakers, Beverley was caught on camera calling Westbrook trash after he stole the ball from him.

Where it all started according to Beverley was when Westbrook said that Beverley had fooled everyone and just ran around. He said Beverley did not play any defence whatsoever. Beverley recently made an appearance on the JJ Redick podcast (The Old Man and the Three) where he said those comments hurt his career. He said in his tweet, that this season with Westbrook playing at a very low level, it was Westbrook that fooled everyone.


The tweet was about Westbrook’s play this season. Westbrook is set to make 44 million this year and will make 47 million next year. At the level he is playing right now, most people feel that it is undeserved despite his great resume. During the game even Timberwolves’ Center, Karl Anthony Towns joined into troll Westbrook. When Westbrook shot an airball, Towns stared at the rim like he couldn’t believe it.

After the game, Westbrook was asked about how he felt about the trolling. He replied that he did not care and that no one on the Timberwolves has accomplished anything for him to take notice of. In Patrick Beverley style Beverley responded with a tweet that said:

While the fact remains that Russell Westbrook has done enough to deserve respect in this league, people have a short memory. With the way he is playing right now and the system in place in Los Angeles, he is bound to have a bad season. Right now Patrick Beverley is winning the matchup. The Timberwolves are the 7 seed in the West and might get to the 6 seeds if they are lucky. The 2 teams might meet up in the Play-In tournament and sparks could fly there as well.