Revealed: Reason behind indefinite suspension of Draymond Green

Draymond Green faced indefinite suspension for his latest act off field.

The NBA league office found itself navigating as it contended with the aftermath of the latest incident involving Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green. Green, in his own words, described Tuesday’s flagrant foul 2 and third ejection in 15 games this season as an accident. Green believed Nurkic had committed by holding his hip. But with Nurkic face down on the court.

Green, no stranger to on-court intensity and heated exchanges, found himself at the center of controversy once again. Tuesday’s  foul 2 and third ejection in just 15 games this season left fans and analysts questioning not only the intention behind the action but also the sportsmanship displayed.


In his defense, Green promptly described the incident as an accident, saying just “bad luck”. He asserted that he was attempting to “sell” the foul, convinced that Nurkic had committed a offense first by holding his hip. However, the sincerity of Green’s explanation came under scrutiny as the video circulated.