Reggie Miller calls out Josh Hart, Knicks over viral playoff taunt

Reggie Miller, renowned for his sharpshooting prowess and infamous battles with the New York Knicks, found himself at the center of a heated moment during the playoffs, courtesy of Knicks forward Josh Hart’s taunting antics. As the Madison Square Garden crowd unleashed their colorful chants directed at Miller, Hart couldn’t resist adding fuel to the fire with a cheeky remark aimed at the Pacers legend.

While the incident sparked a frenzy among Knicks faithful, Miller wasn’t amused. In his view, the Knicks epitomized the essence of “frontrunners,” reveling in their moment of triumph but failing to maintain composure in defeat. Miller’s candid remarks on Mark Jackson’s podcast shed light on his disdain for the Knicks’ perceived arrogance and their penchant for basking in the limelight.


Despite the derogatory chants from the MSG crowd being par for the course, Hart’s playful jab escalated the situation, drawing Miller into the spotlight against his will. The Pacers icon expressed his displeasure at being dragged into the series drama, emphasizing his primary focus on his broadcasting duties.

However, Miller didn’t let the incident go unnoticed. Following the Pacers’ triumph in Game 7, he took to social media to mock the Knicks, humorously attributing the series’ turning point to Hart’s interaction with him during the playoffs. Miller’s playful jab served as a subtle reminder of his enduring rivalry with the Knicks and his unwavering competitive spirit.

While Miller aimed to maintain neutrality in his broadcasting role, his history with the Knicks inevitably colored his perspective. His pregame remarks asserting his dominance over the city and the arena only added to the tension, setting the stage for a memorable playoff clash.

Looking ahead, Miller expressed optimism about the potential resurgence of the Knicks-Pacers rivalry, envisioning a future where both teams reignite their competitive edge. As the NBA landscape evolves with young talent emerging, Miller anticipates the renewal of hostilities between these storied franchises, much to the delight of fans craving for nostalgic rivalries.