Phoenix Suns extend their winning streak without Chris Paul & Devin Booker

Cameron Johnson makes history after he stepped up to win the game for the Suns.

The Suns showed all of us why they are the best team in the league right now despite not having their superstars Chris Paul and Devin Booker. Their bench players have stepped up to the challenge and continued to deliver wins. Cam Johnson today had a career-high scoring game and also made Suns history by making 9 three-pointers in the game.

The Suns beat out the New York Knicks at home in a close game after Cam Johnson hit the game-winner at the buzzer. Johnson had a career-high 38 points in the game and led the Suns to victory. He also hit the game-winning shot, a deep 3 pointer to win the game for the Suns. Johnson was coming off the bench as a spot-up shooter and he has risen to the challenge of a starter.


Johnson was drafted by the Suns in 2019 and has not disappointed. He has grown into a great 3 point shooter for the Suns. The tutelage of head coach Monty Williams and Chris Paul has helped in his development as a player. The greatest part is that Cam has never complained about his role. He has understood his role and shows up every night to play that role. Now that he has the opportunity to play he has stepped up big time and was the biggest factor in winning against the Knicks today.

Johnson became the only player to have made 9+ 3 pointers in Sun’s history and the only player since Damian Lillard in 2019 to make 9 3 pointers and a game-winner. The Suns are the first team to win 50+ games this season and look like they are ready for another Finals run. The Suns are one of the deepest teams in the league and are the favourites to come out of the Western Conference.