Pelicans push Lakers out to 10 seed

The New Orleans Pelicans won their 30th game after their win over the Atlanta Hawks. The win makes them the 9 seed and pushes the Lakers to the last spot in the Play-In tournament.

The New Orleans Pelicans have come back from being at the bottom of the standings to the 9 seed. The Pelicans have been a different team ever since they signed CJ McCollum. The team won against the Atlanta Hawks today, 117-112, and have pushed the Lakers to the 10 seed and became the 9 seed. The win affects the Lakers more than the Pelicans as they are at risk of being out of the Play-In tournament this season.

The Lakers have struggled all season. They have lost games because they have been unable to find a suitable system where the team can be successful. On top of it, the team also played lackadaisical defense for the majority of the season. While the Lakers might have found themselves right now, it might be too little too late. The Pelicans as a result have pushed them out of the 9 seed and they are at risk of not even being in the Play-In game.


The Pelicans have yet to receive a healthy Zion Williamson back. With him, CJ McCollum, and Brandon Ingram together, this team could be an offensive juggernaut in the Western Conference. Brandon Ingram has also been injured for the Pelicans and is out due to a hamstring injury. In his stead, Jonas Valanciunas has stepped up and become the second option for the team.

With the San Antonio Spurs just 3 games behind them, the Lakers better step it up if they want to get to the Playoffs. With Anthony Davis only expected to return by the Playoffs, LeBron James and Russell Westbrook will have to carry the team. Even if the Lakers do make the Play-In game, their opponent is going to be a very dangerous New Orleans Pelicans team. Hopefully, for the Lakers, LeBron can come out with a 50 point performance. That seems to be a foolproof way to win games for the Lakers.