Nike’s Jordan brand chairman, Larry Miller admits killing a teen in 1965

Nike’s most successful brand’s chairman Larry Miller admits to killing an 18-year-old in a gang war when he was 16.

Jordans, J’s, the most successful shoes brand, name after NBA legend Michael Jordan, who is a 6 times champion. Brand’s chairman Larry Miller had an interview with Sports Illustrated on Wednesday and told the publication that he murdered an 18-year-old boy named Edward White when he was 16 years old himself. Miller told that someone innocent was killed during a gang fight and he and his friends wanted revenge, so one night they got drunk and tried to find the affiliated gang, they shot the first person they saw, not even knowing that if he was part of the gang or not.

Miller spent his 20s mostly in jail and juvenile and in his words”By the time I was 16, I was just a straight-up gangbanger, thug,” he said. “I was drinking every day”. He was able to complete his master’s in accounting from jail and got his degree from Temple University. He was able to get a job after his jail time but was rejected when he revealed his past in his last interview.


After he had a job in  Kraft Foods and Campbell Soup Company, he was able to become the vice-president of Nike then president of Jordan in 1999 and then became the President of an NBA team Portland Trail Blazer but then rejoined the Jordan brand in 2012 as a chairman and is continuing his journey. Even though he kept all of his dark past a secret, he finally accepted it and came out and told everyone including Michale Jordan and Nike president. He said that everyone responded positively and his past is in his past and he is a changed person now.