NBA: Warner Bros. Discovery and Cosm Revolutionize Live Sports Experience

Warner Bros. Discovery, in partnership with immersive technology experts Cosm, is set to transform the way sports fans engage with live events. Cosm is unveiling two cutting-edge venues, one in Los Angeles spanning 65,000 square feet, and another in Dallas covering 70,000 square feet. These spaces will accommodate approximately 800 spectators, offering them an unparalleled immersive experience while watching select live sports broadcasted on TNT.

At the heart of these venues are 360-degree domes equipped with massive 8K LED screens, each boasting an impressive 87-foot diameter. While this concept bears a resemblance to James Dolan’s Las Vegas Sphere, Cosm’s innovation takes a different route. Unlike the Sphere, which primarily focuses on live entertainment, Cosm’s venues aim to reimagine broadcasts, providing consumers with immersive encounters, like the feeling of sitting courtside at NBA games or being right by the rink during hockey matches.


The remarkable aspect of this immersive experience is that it doesn’t require any headsets or glasses. Cosm achieves this by utilizing multicamera productions that simulate the sensation of being right in the arena. Although the experience won’t be in 3D, the dome viewing effect will create a genuine sense of presence, making viewers feel as if they are physically present at the live event.

Jeb Terry, CEO at Cosm, expressed their commitment to leveraging advanced technology to offer a unique human experience. He highlighted that while the Sphere delivers a grand-scale experience, Cosm’s approach focuses on a more intimate setting, centered on live sports and programming, making attendees feel as though they are truly present at the heart of the action.