NBA reveals the opening week’s and Christmas Day schedules for their 75th Anniversary Season

The NBA season will be starting from 19th October. They have planned to conduct five games on Christmas Day (Saturday, December 25).

The regular season of the NBA 2021-22 will be starting from October 19. The opening week schedule has been posted by NBA. Also, they have decided to keep five games on Christmas Day for the 14th year in a row. ESPN and ABC will be the two channels that will be televising these matches. The 2021-22 NBA season will run till April 10, 2022.

In the NBA’s new Season, eight games will be played in the first four days. The games in these four days will have 12 different teams. However, the total game schedule, as well as the broadcast schedule, is yet to be announced by the NBA. The opening week’s games will be telecasted by ESPN and TNT.


In the Christmas Day schedule, ESPN and ABC will telecast all the matches. ESPN and ABC both will televise the match between Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers. These two teams are considered to be very favourites to win the new season 2021-22 NBA title. The match between the Nets and Lakers is scheduled to play in Los Angeles at 8 pm ET. There will be other four matches which will be played on Christmas Day i.e Saturday, December 25. Atlanta Hawks vs New York Knicks in New York at noon ET. Then at 2.30 pm ET. ABC will cover the match between Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks.

These matches will be played on Christmas Day for the NBA’s 75th Anniversary season. This NBA’s Christmas day schedule is going to end up with the match between Dallas Mavericks and Utah Jazz at 10:30 pm ET. The match will be covered by ESPN.