MJ and MJ! Michael Jordan challenges Magic Johnson to a 1 on 1 basketball match

The legendary competitiveness of Michael Jordan raised its head at the 75th-anniversary celebrations.

Michael Jordan is one of the most competitive people that played professional sports. The Bulls legend has been known to create fake scenarios in his head with regards to his opponents to play even harder in games. That killer mentality was on display once again at the 75th-anniversary celebrations when MJ challenged another legend Magic Johnson to a 1 on 1 basketball match, asking Magic to ‘Lace-em up’.


Magic Johnson is the greatest point guard the game has ever seen. With the way, Steph Curry has changed the position, who the number 1 point guard is can be argued but Magic was the first one to completely change the position. He was the first big guard that was extremely successful in the NBA and paved the way for big guards in the league. He is known for his incredible basketball IQ and for leading the Showtime Lakers.

Jordan came into the league right in the middle of Magic and Larry Bird’s prime. The battles between the Celtics and Lakers were legendary and both teams were led into battle by Magic and Bird. That was when Jordan came into the league and made himself the heir to the spotlight in the NBA.

One of the most famous stories about the two of them was the ‘Greatest Scrimmage never seen’. Both Jordan and Magic were a part of the Dream Team in 1992. Michael had just won back-to-back championships and was taking over the league from both of them. While Bird had a lot of injuries and had reached the end of his career, Magic was reluctant to pass on the Baton too easily.

The Dream team played a scrimmage game. One team was led by Jordan and the other by Magic. To encapsulate the way the game was described by the legends that were a part of the game would be a disservice to it. In a statement game between the two players, Magic Johnson’s team had the league. But very soon Jordan made it known that this was his league now.

There was a whole lot of trash talking and players almost came to blows. Once Jordan beat him Magic didn’t even want to end practice! Once it finally did end, the players didn’t even speak to each other on the bus until Magic broke the ice and said, ‘We shouldn’t have pissed the man off.’. Jordan had proven that the game was in good hands and that it was time for Magic to pass on the reins to him.

The story goes to show you how competitive these two were. While Magic laughed it off and we do not have footage of the entire conversation, I am sure that even with Michael being 59 and Magic being 63, the two legends would go at just as hard as they did in that 1992 Dream team scrimmage game.