Michael Jordan’s teammate Scottie Pippen still hates the documentary, “The Last Dance”

Scottie Pippen will release his memoir “Unguarded” on November 9th in which he discloses his opinion on the Last Dance documentary and says “He couldn’t have been more condescending if he tried.”

The Netflix documentary, “The Last Dance” was supposed to be a documentary of the 1998 Bulls as after this year the whole team was on a re-build, Jerry Krause their GM was committed to changing the Hall Of Famer head coach Phil Jackson and other casts including Scottie Pippen. But the documentary ended up being all about the one and only Michael Jordan. Scottie Pippen, a six times NBA champion did not appreciate it, he wanted it to be more about the team rather than Jordan’s college basketball career and his baseball career. Pippen’s memoir “Unguarded” will be released on 9th November but some excerpts have been released where he showed his remorse towards how he and his teammates were just mere supporting cast.

According to GQ, the excerpts say that the documentary was to show how Jordan was great and condescended to his teammates by not giving them enough credit. Jordan was to be blamed for it because the director gave the final rights to Jordan to sign off on when the documentary will be released and what will make it into the final cut. Even in the 2nd episode where it showed the upbringing of Scottie Pippen, it ended with the narrative of how determined Jordan is to win. He was nothing more than a prop and being called the “best teammate of all time” by Jordan could not have been more condescending even if he tried.


On second thought, I could believe my eyes. I spent a lot of time around the man. I knew what made him tick. How naive I was to expect anything else

Pippen also spoke to many teammates afterwards and all of them felt disrespected of they were being treated as just props or side stories in the documentary. The Memoir will be released on 9th November and it will unveil the full side of the story from Scottie Pippen and other players who felt disrespected by the documentary.