Michael Jordan & Lebron James embrace each other at the All-Star game

The 2 GOAT’s met after both participated in the 75th anniversary celebrations.

The 2 people largely considered the GOATS in basketball met and embraced each other at the All-Star game in Cleveland. Michael Jordan made an appearance at the game as it was a celebration of the top 75 players to ever play the game. The 2 players embraced right before LeBron had to get ready for the third quarter.


Michael Jordan is the man considered the GOAT in basketball by most fans and basketball analysts around the world. He is 6-0 in the finals, 6-time finals MVP,6 time Champion, 5-time regular season MVP, 1 time defensive player of the year, and 3-time All-Star MVP. He was the rookie of the year and 10-time scoring champ as well. MJ is also a 14-time All-Star and has made the  All NBA team 11 times. He averages the most points in a career by any basketball player in NBA history along with Wilt Chamberlain (30.1).

The only man that has been thought of as the GOAT other than Jordan, in recent years is LeBron James. LeBron is one of the greatest all-around players the league has ever seen. Whether it is scoring, passing, dribbling, rebounding, or defending he does it all at a high level. LeBron has won 4 championships and 4 Finals MVPs in his career.

His Finals record is 4-6 and has been to 8 straight Finals. He is a 4-time regular season MVP, 3-time All-Star MVP, 18-time All-Star, 17 time All-NBA team, and former rookie of the year. He is also the leading scorer in the playoffs, the leading scorer all-time with regular season and playoffs combined. He is also the only player to lead a team from down 3-1 in the Finals to win the championship.

Whether Jordan is the GOAT because of his killer mentality or whether LeBron’s longevity and his high performance in his 19th season make him the GOAT is all debatable. As far as I am concerned the 2 are one of the greatest players we have ever seen. Michael dominated the ’90s and LeBron dominated the 2010’s. what we witnessed was 2 of the greatest coming together and should be grateful for the memories of great performances that we will never forget.