Miami Heat advances to a 6-1 record after a win against Luka’s Mavericks

Miami Heat wins their 5th straight game and dominated Mavs with 125-110, Kyle Lowry scores 22 points.

Miami Heat has been on a winning streak of games, their stars Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo, and Kyle Lowry have been clicking together. With their defensive identity led by the last year’s runner-up Defensive player of the year Bam Adebayo. Heats last year were eliminated in the first round by the NBA champions Milwaukee Bucks, they added an all-star Kyle Lowry and three-point marksman PJ Tucker as a response. The team is filled with shooters and defenders, a recipe to win in today’s NBA.

Tyler Herro who was ridiculed last season for his bad performance through the year and that he was only able to succeed in the bubble has roved his haters and doubters wrong. His past 6 game performances have been amazing, he is averaging 22 points per game, 6 boards, and 4.4 assists all while coming off the bench. Today again he scored 25 points on 20 shots and has been a major part of the Erik Spoelstra offensive system. Heats this season will be a serious contender to come out of the Eastern Conference if Nets Kyrie’s situation continues.


Luka and the Mavs have always started the season slowly, Luka being my top 3 picks to win MVP hasn’t been that good at the start of the season. Even though Mavs have a 4-3 record with 3rd best record in the West, Luka personally hasn’t been up to his standards. He is only averaging 22 points in the last 7 games, Luka is one of the best players in the league but the organization failed yet again to surround him with a better cast, they have been eliminated in the 1st round twice.