Magic Johnson praise to heap on Kyrie Irving & Karl Anthony Towns’ 60-point performance

The Lakers legend took to Twitter and spoke on the 60 point performances that both players had.


Karl Anthony Towns and Kyrie Irving put up the first back-to-back 60 point performance in NBA history since 1962 when Wilt Chamberlain had back-to-back 60 point games. Towns had 60 points against the San Antonio Spurs yesterday while Kyrie had 60 points against the Orlando Magic. Both players had career highs with the performance and also broke their Franchise’s records. The amazing feats from both players caught the attention of Lakers’ legend Earvin Magic Johnson, who took to Twitter to praise both players.

Magic put his first Twitter post highlighting Kyrie Irving’s performance against the Orlando Magic. He talked about how Kyrie put on an amazing show in Orlando. He also mentioned the vaccine mandates and how it was restricting Kyrie from playing in home games. He expressed hope that the mandates would be taken down before the Playoffs.

Magic then went on to heap praise on Karl Anthony Towns and his performance yesterday. The legend had a hot take on Towns after his 60 points and 17 rebounds performance against the Spurs yesterday. He went on to say that Towns had put himself in the MVP conversation with his performance.

Towns are averaging 24.8 points,9.9 rebounds, and 3.8 assists this season. The Minnesota Timberwolves are the 7 seed in the Western Conference. While the numbers aren’t bad for Towns, the fact 0f the matter is that Towns usually gets help from Anthony Edwards and D’Angelo Russell on the offensive end. With the Timberwolves only being the 7 seed there is very little hope that Towns gets considered for the MVP award but who would argue with the great Magic Johnson when it comes to basketball.

Magic has always taken to Twitter to express his views on basketball and the NBA in particular. He has been especially vocal about the Lakers’ struggles and has called them out multiple times. Hopefully, the Lakers listen to a legend when he speaks and gets their act together eventually.