LeBron James posts a ‘then and now’ picture with Michael Jordan to rejoice their 2 decades-long bond

The relationship has come full circle with the 2 legends being on the NBA Top 75 players list.

LeBron James posted a picture of when he met Michael Jordan in high school along with the pictures and videos from the All-Star game. The caption read, “How it started 2 decades ago/How it’s going 2 decades later. MJxLJ = Out of this world (emoji).”

The King has always spoken bout how Michael Jordan was the one that inspired him to play basketball and that he is the reason he wears No.23. Both players have been considered GOATs by most people and it was a legendary moment when the 2 came together on the court. When they were going their separate ways, MJ tapped LeBron on the chest and said,’ You can do it, good luck.’. While I cannot confirm what he was referring to, common sense suggests His Airness was telling LeBron that he could help the Lakers win.

The first time LeBron met Michael Jordan, he described his encounter as ‘Godly’. He went on to say that it was like meeting God for the first time. The King first met MJ in 2001, when he was just a high school kid preparing to get to the league. Just as LeBron came into the league, Michael retired from the game. It was that encounter that the King posted on Instagram along with the one at the All-Star game when the 2 legends met.

Both LeBron James and Michael Jordan have placed their stamp on the NBA and basketball. The 2 of them are a part of the Top 75 players of all time who have won multiple MVPs, Finals MVPs, and championships. The two are on the top of the GOAT conversation and have etched their place in history. When 2 legends of that stature come together, it is cause for celebration and this moment will be etched in history as well.