LeBron James’ Lakers with another loss by the Phoenix Suns

Lakers lost 2nd their game of the season by 115-105 and Anthony Davin had an altercation with his teammate Dwight Howard.

All the doubts about the Lakers are proving to be true, they are old and cannot keep up with the pace of young guns and their ability not able to shoot the ball. The addition of Westbrook till now has been disastrous, there is no floor spacing and their big 3 biggest advantage is when the floor is open with shooters around them. With Westbrook, LeBron not being a threat from outside they can pack the paint and stop the Freak Train LeBron from going inside and stop him to make plays or lay it up with 2-3 bodies around him.

Chris Paul, his legend as a point god continues as he became the first player ever to score 20,000 points and to stack up 10,000 assists. Thanks to his staggering 14 assists and 23 points, the Suns comfortably led the whole game as much as by 32 points at one point. Booker and their Mikal Bridges who just signed an extension contract with the Suns also scored 20+ points.


Lakers scoring was led by none other than James by 25 points, Russel Westbrook had once again another poor night, he scored 15 points on just 6/15 from the floor, even though AD also had a bad game but thanks to his elite free throw shooting (10/11) tonight he stacked up 23 points and also had an altercation with his teammate Dwight Howard which was quickly resolved by the team. Carmelo Anthony also gave the Lakers a scoring punch off the bench with 11 of his 15 points coming in the 4th quarter.

Everything about the Lakers right now is below average, their defence for what they were known for has been poor, their shooting from the arc and the charity line has been abysmal, and are 0-8 in their pre-season and regular season.