LaMelo Ball becomes the youngest player to get 700 assists since LeBron James

Only LeBron James did it at a younger age.

LaMelo Ball became the second-youngest player in NBA history to have 700 assists after his first assist in the game against the Miami Heat. Only Lebron James accomplished the same feat at a younger age. LeBron did it when he was 20 years and 12 days old while LaMelo did it when he was 20 years and 179 days old.

While LaMelo was slightly older than LeBron, he did get 700 assists in fewer games than LeBron did. The King had 700 assists through 159 games while LaMelo did it in just 104 games. The first time All-star got his 700th assist with a pass to his teammate Miles Bridges for a dunk in just the 1st minute of the game against the Heat.


Ball also averaged fewer minutes than LeBron did throughout his rookie and 2nd seasons. LeBron averaged 39.6 minutes in his rookie year and 40.8 minutes in his second season, through the game when he got his 700th assist. LaMelo only averaged 28.8 minutes in his rookie year and is averaging 32.6 minutes in his second season so far.

The 2020-2021 Rookie of the year is averaging 20 points, 7.1 rebounds, and 7.5 assists this season. He also managed to become an All-star this season and will be playing in Cleveland on 21st February (20th in the US). The young star has led the Hornets to the 9 seed in the east. While they aren’t a great team right now, having young stars like LaMelo and Bridges makes the team set up for a bright future. They have veterans like Terry Rozier and Gordon Hayward and if they can surround the two stars with better talent, they will be dangerous.