Lakers’ Russell Westbrook’s wife has a Twitter war with sports analyst

Nina Westbrook was tweeting back and forth with Skip Bayless, a sports analyst after he referred to her husband as Russell “Westbrick.”

Nina Westbrook, Russell Westbrook’s wife went back and forth with Skip Bayless, a sports Analyst on the Sports Network  – FOX Sports on Twitter. The exchange started after Nina had had enough for Bayless. Skip has put a spin on Westbrook’s name and called him Westbrick throughout his career. Nina put it out on Twitter that she carries that name too and it was disrespectful to her.

Skip is one of the most polarizing analysts on television. It is mainly because of Skip’s famed biases. If Skip has decided that a player isn’t good he is going to go out of his way to undermine them. One of the most famous takes is those about LeBron James. Skip is probably the only person not to have LeBron in their top 4 players of all time.


Similarly, Skip has also gone after Russell Westbrook calling him ‘Westbrick’ because of the guard’s atrocious shooting. Westbrook is shooting 28.4 % from 3 point range and 43.4 % from the field. While Skip isn’t wrong about Westbrook being a bad shooter, it is unnecessary to disrespect the man by calling him names. That is why Nina Westbrook stood up for her husband and asked Skip to apologize.

This isn’t the first time Nina Westbrook has gone after reporters and analysts after they criticized her husband. She also went at Stephen A Smith who had criticized Westbrook for putting up huge numbers and not winning a championship yet. This time with Skip was a lot worse because while Stephen A was critical he wasn’t disrespectful but Skip was.

She also accused Skip of blocking her but later took to Twitter to say that it was her mistake and that ‘Twitter fingers’ were what caused the misunderstanding. Skip thanked her for clarifying that he had not blocked her and said that while he appreciated her standing up for her husband he was going, to tell the truth as he saw it.