Lakers’ Russell Westbrook speaks on his name being shamed, his family being harassed

The two time MVP faces a lot of criticism following the Lakers’ poor form shaming his name to “Westbrick”.

The Los Angeles Lakers continue to stay in the headlines, not because of their greatness but their struggling form this season. They indeed are one of the most successful basketball teams with 17 NBA Championships, the most in any franchise history but their performances this season have not been as impressive as it was supposed to be, keeping them 9th in the Western Conference.

Following the losses, one of the players that is blamed for the season is Russell Westbrook. A nickname given to him as “Westbrick”, the surname trollers use to troll him for his shooting, is definitely not so considerate for the two-time MVP.

Skip Bayless, a sports commentator was called out by Nina Westbrook, Russell’s wife for disrespecting the Lakers’ point guard continuously, to which, the Laker said that he stands with his wife because now, “she’s reached a point.” He further, about the name said, “I’m Westbrook. Westbrook, that’s my last name…….Westbrick, to me, is now shaming. It’s like shaming my name,” reported Spectrum Sports Net. 

The struggling performance of the team at this alarming rate tells the Lakers might not reach the season’s Playoffs if this continues. Having lost one of their key players, Anthony Davis, the team has now fallen to LeBron James today before the game against Spurs that cost them another important win. Meanwhile, Coach Frank Vogel is “hopeful” for the forward to be available for their next game against Houston.

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