Lakers’ LeBron James passes 100 million followers on Instagram

Lebron James passes 100 million followers on Instagram that is more than NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL combined.

The biggest star and face of the NBA just hit another milestone, gaining 100 million followers on Instagram. His off-the-court achievements are just as impressive as his NBA career, he signed a 1 billion dollar lifetime deal with Nike, his school I PROMISE in his home town Ohio, etc. are few things he is known for outside the court.


His status as one of the most popular sporting icons across the globe hit a new level Friday, as he hit the 100 million follower mark. This is more than five of the most popular sports in the USA combined. The NBA’s official account itself has 60 million, the NFL has 21.7 million, MLB has 7.9 million, NHL has 4.9 million, and the MLS has 2 million on Instagram. Let’s put it in context, Stephen Curry, GSW superstar, and 2 times MVP winner is only at 36 million followers, the gap between the two most famous NBA players in the world shows how much LeBron has achieved on and off the court.

Even though this is a great achievement for a celebrity but for 4 times MVP winner main goal has and always will be to win championships, as he starts his 19th season in the NBA on 20th October against the Warriors, his eyes will always be on his 5th championship and to chase the ‘Ghost of Michael Jordan.’