“Kyrie Irving will not practice or play games until he is vaccinated,” says Brooklyn Nets GM Sean Marks

Kyrie Irving is one of the superstars who are against the use of vaccines and will not be able to play games with the Brooklyn Nets and even practice with the team.

One-time champion is one of the players in the NBA who is against the use of vaccines due to his “religious beliefs”. Due to the New York state rules that no player or fan will not be allowed in the Barclays Center, thus Kyrie who has not been vaccinated till now will now be able to even practice with the team as stated by the GM of Nets, Sean Marks.


Kyrie is not the only player who was in trouble due to not using the vaccine as another player of Golden State Warrior, Andrew Wiggins, was in with the team who belonged to the state Sans Fransico, where they will not allow any player or fan until and unless they are fully vaccinated. Ultimately he had to get vaccinated as in his own words, he said during the GSW Media Day Press Conference, “for me, it was either get vaccinated or retire”.

7 times-all star Kyrie has to make a big decision to either ask for a trade or plan to retire or ultimately give up to the rule and get vaccinated. For the Nets the only best trade value they can get for the 3 time-all NBA is with Phillidelphia. a simple trade for Kyrie for Ben Simmons, Mattise Thybull.