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Kyrie Irving and his huge performance catches LeBron James’ attention

The King tweeted out in appreciation of Kyrie’s great game.

LeBron James tweeted during Kyrie Irving’s dominating performance over the Orlando Magic. Kyrie went on to score a very efficient 60 points against the Magic. The Nets blew them out 150-108 on the back of Kyrie’s 60 points. Having had a few great performances himself this month, the King showed appreciation for the greatness that Kyrie was putting on display.


But whenever the King is involved controversy and drama follow. LeBron himself had 2 great nights this month in the arena where he dropped 56 points against the Golden State Warriors and 50 points against the Washington Wizards. Kyrie similarly had two 50 point games as well, scoring 50 against the Charlotte Hornets and then dropping 60 points against the Magic today.

Well, Fans took to Twitter saying LeBron was shown up by Kyrie Irving because he didn’t just have 2 50 + point games but also a 60 point game while LeBron didn’t. What needs to be understood is that despite being friendly with each other on the surface, LeBron and Kyrie haven’t actually had the best of relationships. The two players won a championship together in Cleveland but Kyrie left because he wanted to prove that he could lead a team to a championship without Lebron’s help. So far he hasn’t been able to accomplish that.

Their teammate on the Cleveland Cavaliers championship team, Channing Frye tried stirring the pot of trouble himself. Channing responded to a fan’s tweet on Kyrie one-upping LeBron and the interpretation could be the 2 players battling it out.

While it is factually true that Kyrie came up on top with his 60 points to LeBron’s 56, it does not really mean much. The two players have since their Cleveland separation, had a much better relationship. Regardless of who got the better of the other, we as fans are lucky to be witnessing the best stretches of NBA basketball, with 7 50+ point games in the span of 2+ weeks.