Kevin Durant’s 38 points was not enough to put away Jordan’s owned Charlotte Hornets

Nets lost to Hornets in the first game at home by 111-99, KD scored 38 points and pro-Kyire chants at Barclays stadium

Nets with their first game at their home Barclays Stadium with Jay-Z in the stands lost the game to Lamelo and the Hornets. Also, many people came in support of Kyrie Irving to allow him to play even without vaccination, as a result, the Nets were forced to close the gates of their stadium for some time.

In the first half, Kevin Durant was just in a zone, he scored on 10 of his 13 shots ending the half with 20 points, Harden who had a bad and sloppy night had 4 turnovers in the first half, he looked disengaged in the game but still, the elite scorer he is was able to stack up 11 points in just 9 shots. Meanwhile, with Charlotte Hornets, Lamelo Ball continues to show signs of his talent and progression towards being a star, his confidence hides his weakness of average shooting, and his passing ability allows him to run at Point Guard at 6’8 height.


It was 2nd half where the Hornets took the lead after being down by 9 till the 3rd quarter and didn’t allow KD’s 38 points to alter their win with no help from his other superstar Harden they were able to go on a run of 32-17 in the 4th quarter. With the new rule of offensive players not being able to fabricate contact with the defender to earn foul calls seems to affect Harden’s ability to earn free throws as he only took 1 free throw in the entire game. Miles Bridges led the Hornets by scoring 32 points.